Culinary Pairings: Small Plates & Signature Cocktails

Pairings of gourmet "small plates" with signature cocktails resulted in a celebration of flavors for this grand four-day corporate event in Miami.

The nature of corporate events has evolved considerably over the years and guests have high expectations. A party is no longer simply a party, corporate events are an “experience” where the company culture and the brand are to be experienced by guests. This means creative menus, catering concepts, great food and beverages that elevate your brand and spark conversation!

Small plates are the trend for catering corporate events in Miami because they are easy to hold and guests can sample multiple exquisite flavors. With this concept, the flavors are enhanced by highly enjoyable signature cocktails, where both the plates and drinks may reflect the geographical location of the company’s head office, for example, or a country they are expanding into.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to customizing unique menus and our event staff are highly experienced in developing creative culinary experiences for South Florida corporate events.

Our craft cocktail department, Libations by T.I. explores the art of the cocktail with signature recipes using syrups and elixirs made from scratch with local ingredients. Click here to read about crafting and customizing signature cocktails to enhance the experience of your brand for corporate events: How To Create Signature Beverages Fort Any Event.

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The Venue, The View: Corporate Events

The New World Center Rooftop Garden, a luxury corporate dining experience under the stars with sweeping views of the Miami Beach skyline from Biscayne Bay to the Atlantic Ocean!

Corporate Dinner Miami New World Center.jpg
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Country bouquets contrast with the modern architectural in the NEW WORLD CENTER’s Atrium, designed by famed architect, Frank Gehry. The bouquets welcome guests for a luncheon during a 3 day corporate seminar. While we're talking about the New World Center, home to the New World Symphony, take a quick peek at the New World Symphony’s 31st Annual Gala,A Celebration of John Williams, Full gala production and catering provided by Thierry Isambert Culinary and Event Design.


Corporate Dinner Catering Miami 1111 lincoln Road.jpg

1111 Lincoln Road, designed by Swiss architects, Herzog & de Meuron, has become an integral part of the South Beach cityscape. This iconic venue features soaring ceilings and unparallelled panoramic views that make it a sought-after venue for Miami corporate and social events. Our corporate clients like the contemporary geometric architecture and the opportunity for an epic experience for special events outside of the corporate environment.


Everyone Loves A Cookout!

Catering and producing the Annual Sea-Trade after party in Fort Lauderdale since 2005! Clear skies and a gourmet cook out under the palms on a balmy South Florida evening, what's not to like?

Corporate Event Cookout.jpg

After a long day in suit and tie, crouched over a computer or bleary eyed from all day in the boardroom, a cookout under the stars is a great way to connect with co-workers and unwind!

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