Vanessa and Jack Pritchett got married on a balmy winter’s evening in Homestead, Florida, an agricultural area 45 minutes from downtown Miami. Homestead and the Redlands are filled with charming, family-owned farms, and the area is a hidden gem for quaint, romantic, farm-style weddings in close proximity to the fast pace of the city.

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Jack Pritchett is general manager of MUNI FARMS, a USDA certified organic farm in Homestead Fl that is committed to growing high-quality produce in an environmentally conscious way.  The Pritchett’s wedding was the first for Muni Farms.


Vanessa and Jack’s vision for their dream wedding was something tranquil, green, and set in nature where the plants, trees and starlit sky would be the decor.  It was essential for them that there be a “homey” feel, a loving atmosphere with their closest friends and family. Their two dogs were even by their side at the ceremony! In keeping with this goal, the seating arrangement was a unique element they planned carefully, and this was one large table where everyone would be together, as one.

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The farm tables set up end to end created one long table, and when the sun set, the bistro lights strung up throughout the pergola created a unique, cosy atmosphere. It’s easy to see how they were able to tune out the fast pace of the modern world and BE in nature to celebrate as they intended.

Another unique element was that they opted out of traditional floral centerpieces, and in keeping with their eco-conscious lifestyle, their table featured beautiful potted succulents that guests could take home with them. The groom’s boutonniere was also a small bouquet featuring a succulent.

Colors were easy: green and white - again very natural; keeping it simple and boho-like, we wanted the plants and nature that surrounded us to be the main “attraction”.
— Vanessa Pritchett
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It’s difficult to choose just one moment to call “my favorite” but one moment that gets pretty close was when all the sparklers were lit and we were sharing our first dance as a married couple.
— Vanessa

The Team

Photographer: Sydney Morman Photography

Venue: Muni Farms

Catering: Thierry Isambert Culinary and Event Design

Rental Furniture: Simple Rustic

Tabletop Rentals: Event Outfitters

Flowers: Chirife Floral Design