The Team

At Thierry Isambert we cover large, decadent weddings, luxurious corporate galas, and intimate sit-down dinners for the perfect, romantic celebration.

Thierry Isambert sales staff and team of creative event specialists are a collection of experienced professional talents with degrees in Hospitality, Culinary and Visual Arts, Business, and Finance, joining together to develop creative and innovative events.

Our Operations Department is comprised of diligent team members whose passionate personal hobbies like horse riding, playing lead guitar, and competing in athletic tournaments, create an interactive and encouraging atmosphere around the bustling Thierry’s warehouse. Connecting clientele with our hands-on workers, we strive to create a family ambiance to make you feel right at home and in good hands. Joining a variety of skill sets, our Operations Department ensures that every event will run as flawlessly as possible.

Thierry Isambert Culinary and Event Design has a remarkable staff from all over the world.
Our Culinary Team is comprised of talented chefs who are American, French, Cuban, Venezuelan, Brazilian, Argentinean, Spanish, Russian, Romanian, Italian, Chinese, Israeli and Indian. All of our chefs, servers, and bartenders are highly trained under Thierry’s philosophy and work ethic that is based on the classic, European style of service.

We take great pride in the countries that we represent by sharing all of our cultures in both our culinary and event work. A perfect blend for South Florida!