If you’re an event and hospitality industry insider, you may have heard the jokes about how stressful it is to be an event planner, in fact, for the 6th year running, CareerCast  listed Event Planning as the 5th most stressful job in 2018. Event Planning ranks  just slightly less stressful than being in active combat or running into burning buildings!

 CareerCast look at 11 core factors in order to create this ranking, and according to their survey, the core factors we face as event planners are the following:

  • Meeting the public

  • Physical demands

  • Competition

  • Deadlines

  • Working in the public eye

Our event planners, however, have some tricks up their sleeves to combat these stressors, and we asked them for their top 10 secrets to staying sane! Although their advice is simple, it bears reminding as it’s easy to lose sight of how the most logical solutions can be the answer to what seems like insurmountable problems! These are great tips for anyone, check them out:

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1: Keep A Daily To-Do List

Base your to-do list on timelines you create for each event. Each project has its own timeline with milestone deadlines, so take the time to factor these into a daily schedule that allows you to juggle different projects at once.

2: Organization is Key

Use the tools and apps that help with staying organized. Calendars, alarms, flags, checklists, folders & binders, whatever combination works for you. Never wait until the morning to write to-do lists for the day; type priorities for the next day/week/month ahead of time in an efficient productivity manual.

3: Stay in Touch!

Answer messages and emails within 24 hours.

4: Work smarter, Not Harder & Take Care of Yourself

Whether it’s yoga, the gym, kick-boxing or going outside, take some time to rest and take care of your physical & mental well-being. Working in the events industry is a marathon not a sprint, if you want to be in it for the long term, know when to listen to your body.

5: Reach Out to People Who Inspire You

None of us work in a bubble. This industry is about team work, and we all need each other. Reach out, whether it be to another event planner, vendor, or agency. Many opportunities come from finding the people who spark the creative drive in you, and simply asking to have a conversation can lead to creative collaborations and happy friendships (professional and personal.) You never know what can blossom from that simple transaction down the line.

6: Stay Up To Date With Industry Trends & Happenings

Listen to audiobooks on your way to work, read articles while you wait for meetings, keep up to date on events and vendors on Facebook and Instagram, take free online courses. One of our planners subscribes to the Event Leadership Institute where you can take free courses and even prepare for your CMP! Try your best to enrich yourself in whatever way possible, be multidimensional! You’ll never know when it may come in handy.

7: Communication is Key. Never Assume Anything!

Don’t be shy, ask questions if you don’t understand or are unclear about something. Always be transparent & honest.

8: Always Be Positive!

Think big, be positive, focus on solutions not problems. Negativity will wear you down and turn clients and coworkers away from you.

9: Have Back-Up Plans

Specifically for last-minute weather changes for outdoor events!

10: Learn to Delegate

Assign responsibilities, then keep track of progress.

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