Inspiration & Ideas For Catering A Brunch At Home / by Eric Monteiro

Thierry Isambert Culinary and Event design - Table Setting For A Garden Brunch At Home

Catering brunch at home means you can sip mimosas with friends by the pool while your children run around rather than being confined to a busy, crowded restaurant.

Decor possibilities are endless, but this season, we love the mood created by solid wood farm tables set with burlap table runners and beautiful country bouquets.

Thierry Isambert Culinary and Event design - Sunday Brunch Pastry Station with Traditional and Orange Eclairs, and Blueberry and Raspberry Tartelettes, prepared in our kitchen by pastry chef, Bruno Legros.

We suggest tarts and tartelettes for the perfect addition to any Spring or Easter brunch menu. Mediterranean style entree tarts, such as the Provençal Tomato Tart, with tomatoes and goat's cheese on a crisp, flaky pastry, or the Bayaldi Vegetable Tart, are popular choices. The Bayaldi Vegetable Tart, once reserved for sultans, is one of our favorites because it is filled with all the delicious vegetables of the mediterranean and generously garnished with first cold pressed extra virgin olive oil.

Another popular addition to a brunch set-up is the eggs benedict station. Consider making the eggs benedict as delicate as possible by using mini quail eggs. Guests like to fill their plates with lots of small delectable bites and enjoy a taste of everything on display.

We love the Spring Egg Cocottes in French Feuille de Brick Tulip. A freshly cracked egg is baked in the French Feuille de Brick dough which is shaped into cupcake pans. Toppings added include spinach for Florentine, ham and cheese, or even chorizo, which goes well with this recipe and adds a touch of South Florida flavor to the menu.

Magnificent floral arrangements as table center-pieces, from The Flower Bazaar

Last, but not least, no brunch is complete without the dessert and pastry station. Tell your guests to fill up their plates with delicious treats, after all, it isn't every day we're presented with a sumptuous spread! Artisinal tartelettes are prepared fresh in our kitchen with organic, locally sourced fruits, and presented alongside an array of eclairs and a variety of freshly baked croissants.

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Photos: Thierry Tastiel