LITTLE RIVER STUDIOS is a spectacular production destination located near Midtown Miami. 10,000 square feet of studios sit on one acre of land, and some of the unique individual spaces that comprise this venue include an original 1880s wooden barn, two 1920s beach cottages surrounded by sand and palm trees, an outdoor cyc wall and a north light studio with white wooden floors.

The Coster Wedding at LITTLE RIVER STUDIOS | Video: Deon Mark Films

Photo: Moriah Cuda Photography

Photo: Moriah Cuda Photography

Pictured above: The Green House. This couple took their vows in the 20 by 20 ft traditional english green house. The whole structure is on wheels and can be moved to suit your lighting needs. Distressed furniture is available to dress the set.

Pictured above: The Cape Cod Barn. This is a classic 1880s wooden barn that has been converted into a spectacular daylight studio. It features 20 skylights, the original wooden floors and large sliding double doors. Eight french doors on the west side open onto a large white porch. [ Photos: Moriah Cuda Photography ]

Pictured above: The Greek Set. This is a classic Greek Façade based on Santorini. The set can be painted an Adobe color to recreate a Sana Fe scene. [ Photo above: Moriah Cuda Photography ]