C & I STUDIOS / by Eric Monteiro

Located in the cool, urban arts district of Fort Lauderdale, C & I STUDIOS is a collection of loft-like, industrial spaces with a 13,000 square foot outside space and a recording studio. The place is busy every day with photography and video shoots and it's constantly buzzing with creativity. You can also rent the studios for your corporate or social events.


4000 square feet of creative space featuring a floor to ceiling cyc wall, three huge bay doors, a sea crate, industrial decor, bar and sitting area.


At 780 square feet, Studio B is the smallest space. It features a small cyc wall, an airstream trailer and a rustic installation of windows that looks into the coffee shop, "Next Door."


NEXT DOOR is the creative art studio, coffee shop and lounge that is situated between Studios A and B. This hip, eclectic café is open to the public and is also available for private events.


The garden is located opposite the building that houses the studios. This 13,000 square foot lot is flanked by walls emblazoned with hip street art, a 10-foot square, rustic bar sits in the middle and there is a 100 ft projection wall. If you are looking for a cool, urban vibe, The Garden is for you. This outdoor space has even been the site for a music festival headed by Copeland.