It was one of those exquisite late spring days in Miami where the light is so beautiful and the temperature is so perfect you feel at one with everything! The perfect day for Peter and Christi Key’s Boho Baby shower, a special day to celebrate the imminent arrival of their first bundle of love in their brand new home - this day was everything a baby shower is supposed to be and more.

Regular clients who are reading this post probably know Peter, he’s our director of operations and creativity. Used to planning and coordinating events, galas and sit-down dinners for hundreds of guests, he got to use his expertise to produce a magical celebration for 50 of his and Christi’s closest friends and family.

The theme of the day was Boho Baby. Centerpieces of rustic country bouquets comprised of Peonies, Garden Roses and Baby’s Breath dotted the tables, along with succulents wrapped with Eucalyptus flowers. 

Tablecloths were reminiscent of the iconic Martinique banana leaf motif created by designer, Don Loper, in 1942, for the walls of the Beverly Hills hotel, and the overall color theme remained true to the dark green hue of the banana leaf print and the pink blush Peonies. Add the Rattan-style chairs and everything came together for a cool, relaxed, boho-chic afternoon!

We can't wait to meet your little angel! 

+ Baby Makes Three!

                       [Peter and Christi Key]

Shirley Temples.....

for the Mom-to-be...and Tequila for Dad!

Cheers to the MOM-OSA Bar!

Raw Bar

Stone Crabs; Tuna Tartar & Jumbo Shrimp in a custom designed ice sculpture

Brunch Stations

Beef Tenderloin, cut to order; Roasted Country Potatoes; Quinoa Kale Salad; A La Minute Waffle Station with Fresh Whipped Cream & Berry Salad

A touch of whimsy with sparkling unicorn cookies and a custom designed unicorn cake from "Cake Insanity."

We wanted to keep it very “Florida” since our home is typical Floridian with lots of character 
— Christi