Garnier Fructis created a three-day event in Miami for 35 international social media influencers, some with as many as 5 million followers on Instagram and upwards of 30 million views on their Youtube videos. The event, produced by Paris-based Black Lemon Agency,  engaged the influencers with the new line of Fructis shampoos, inspired by healthy, natural juices and superfruits, with marketing geared towards millennials.

Custom-built installations featuring the whole line of haircare products, displayed with fruits and herbs, were constructed in a stunning waterfront villa in Coconut Grove, and the girls were filmed and photographed interacting with the products. Some of their social media posts on the day of the event garnered up to 200,000 views in one day alone.

Many of the girls are health and lifestyle influencers so they were filmed presenting Smoothie and Fruit Bowl tutorials, with food production and logistical support provided by Thierry Isambert’s team under the direction of Elysabeth Saccone.

Lunch had to integrate with the overall theme of “fresh, healthy and appealing,” so we opted for a bright salad station with bowls of raw ingredients that had the visual effect of a rainbow splash of color across the counter, reflecting the bright colors of the whole line of New Fructis.

We also provided our interactive Teppenyaki Station which allows the guests to select their ingredients such as Argentinian Vacio, Branzino Filet or Lemongrass Lime Chicken Medallions with Vegetables Plancha. Guests then watch as our chefs prepare their dish on the barbecue.

The dessert station displayed petit fours carefully selected to fit the fresh fruit theme of the day. There were sweet fruity treats such Key Lime Sable with Graham Cracker Base, Avocado Lime Cheesecake, Mango Mousse with Nougatine Crust and more!

Our colorful fresh salad station: Guests select ingredients that are tossed with their favorite dressing by our chefs.