After you’ve danced the night away at your wedding and got very little sleep, breakfast-in-bed might seem like a low-key option, however, there are quite a few reasons why the post-wedding brunch is a great idea.

  • It gives the newly wedded couple a chance to be with friends and family, and actually talk after all the chaos of the night before.
  • A post wedding brunch is also a great opportunity to reconnect with friends or relatives from out of town.

If you’re planning on hosting a post-wedding brunch then you’ve come to the right place. The following lines are going to tell you all you need to know about organizing an unforgettable brunch to complement the wedding celebrations.

The Invitations

When you're planning the guest list for the ceremony and reception, give some thought to who you want to attend the morning-after brunch. The easiest option is to then add a printed insert for the brunch invite to the wedding invitation you send out.  Alternatively, you may decide to send out a digital invite via online services.

It is important to remember that a post-wedding invite is a special event and should be reserved for an exclusive group of friends and relatives, such as, close friends, family and the parents of the bride and groom.

The Venue

We love a garden brunch! Have it at your home or a family member's home. Your budget may be tight after putting most of it into your reception, so consider recycling the flowers and decor from the wedding reception. Your catering company can take care of table and chair rentals, and remember to include some lounge sets and chaise longues so guests can relax withtheir mimosas. Remember, the post wedding brunch is a chill affair. Relaxed is the key word!

Time of the Event?

Since it is going to be a brunch, the perfect timing would be anywhere between 10:00 AM to 03:00 PM.  Typically, this event is super casual and guests will trickle in slowly. It's also ok if the happy couple show up a little late.

The Menu

This is the most important aspect of a post-wedding brunch. Hands down, the way to go is with a buffet or stations. Guests probably won't all arrive on time, so stations make more sense. Also, stations are more casual, allow guests to mingle and socialize, and also choose what they want to eat and how much. 

A typical brunch setting will include an assortment of sweet and savory pastries with jams, mini bagels with cream cheese, lox and capers, a crunchy Florida salad, a cheese and charcuterie platter with artisinal breads, pitchers of fresh juice, mason jars of yogurt with fresh cut seasonal fruits and granola, and a live action omellet and waffle station.