What Is A Food Station?

Typically a single station is dedicated to one type of food. Usually there is more than one station, allowing guests to mingle with others and sample different menus.

Why Food Stations?

Food stations have been dominating recent culinary trends and have become the de facto choice in South Florida for weddings, social and corporate event catering. They have become a great crowd pleaser because of one simple reason – human psychology; getting up close and personal with the food resonates deeply with foodies and the stunning, lavish displays are an irresistable treat to behold. Food Stations are an interactive experience where guests can mingle and converse with a chef at the carving station, or watch sushi being made to order. Kids at Bar Mitzvahs, Quinceaneras or Sweet Sixteens enjoy ordering S'Mores from the chef at the S'mores station or dessert treats from the Nitrogen Ice Cream Station.

Catering Miami Food Station Antipasto.JPG

Antipasto Station

The On Demand Phenomenon: Customizing the Dining Experience 

We live in a time when ‘serving yourself’ has become the motto for millions of people. From watching movies and our favorite TV series on-demand to ordering our favorite items from an online retailer. Perhaps food stations have experienced a surge in popularity because of the similar ‘on-demand’ experience it gives your guests – offering them the same level of control and selectivity they are so accustomed to in the internet age.

Luxury Catering Miami Local Tapas.JPG

Local Tapas


The variety of food your guests can treat themselves to is equally unparalleled. From sushi to tepenyaki stations, Asian stir fry to Mediterranean stations, cheese stations to an interactive nitrogen ice cream station, each food station offers an exuberant dining experience. 


Buns & Buns

[ Vietnamese Bán Mì Sandwiches]

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A Casual & Social Experience

The casual and social experience that food stations bring to the table is another key reason why they have become one of the most sought after choices for catering services in Miami, regardless of whether the occasion is a wedding or a corporate event.

Miami Catering Food Stations

Chicken Waffles, Sliders & Fries

The Difference Between A Food Station & A Buffet

Food Stations present one type of food on each table while a buffet groups all the food on one long table. 

But apart from offering that extra level of ‘oomph’, there are numerous strategic reasons behind choosing food stations over buffet tables. To that end, the former allows caterers more leverage when it comes to planning. Congestion may be serious problem in gatherings, and with food stations you get to reduce this problem, without sacrificing on the number of delicacies on offer.  

On the plus side of things, you’re allowing your guests to exercise some creativity while experimenting with all the food stations.

The depth of customizability that food stations offer is simply unparalleled. Here’s an example; your guest eyes their favorite appetizer food station, they proceed over to the chef and place an order, all the while exchanging pleasantries with the other guests. Once the main course is over, your guest can roll over to their favorite dessert station and fill their plates with their own selection from an array delicious of delicacies like macaroons, éclairs and tartlets.

Miami Catering Food Station Pincho Bar.JPG

Pincho Bar

Miami Catering Food Station.jpg

Taco Station

Catering Miami Luxury Food Stations.jpg

Pasta Station

Miami Luxury Event Catering Sushi Station.jpg

Live Action

Sushi Station

Nitrogen Ice Cream Luxury Miami Catering.jpeg

Nitrogen Ice Cream Station

Miami Luxury Catering Food Stations SMores.jpg

S'Mores Station

Miami Caterer Dessert Station.jpg

Dessert Station