Artfully created craft cocktails are the perfect ice breaker at any event. While guests arrive, trays filled with cool, colorful drinks made with exotic ingredients are a great conversation starter and everyone gets to enjoy and unwind! With winter winding down and the promise of spring in the air, consider adding a craft cocktail bar to your spring celebrations.

Photo: Moriah Cuda

Photo: Moriah Cuda

Everyone loves the signature “His & Hers” cocktails served at weddings, and couples have fun inventing witty names for their favorite cocktails to  personalize the experience. LIBATIONS by T. I. is our craft cocktail division, offering an original menu with exclusive recipes that can be tailored to match any event or theme. All  juices and elixirs are prepared in house with the freshest, locally-sourced ingredients. 

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Our Cucumber Collins is the perfect cocktail for a balmy summer evening! It combines freshly pressed cucumber juice with fresh lemon and lime juice, Rosemary syrup, a dash of vodka and a garnish of mint, lemon and lime.  The cucumber juice, pressed in house, is a cool, hydrating summer beverage and mixes beautifully with the other ingredients for a light, tangy, slightly sweet drink.  A recent wedding we catered renamed it the “Coster Collins” after their last name, Coster. It was a lot fun and guests loved it!


The Watermelon Cooler is another summer favorite. It’s one of our most popular cocktails and a great thirst quencher for a hot day! Freshly squeezed watermelon juice is mixed with simple syrup, fresh lemon juice, Dolin Blanc, Orange Bitters and a sprig of Rosemary as garnish. Watermelon is your quintessential summer fruit, lending a beautiful splash of natural, bright color to the celebration.

Recipe:Watermelon Cooler


Some couples prefer to stick with champagne. Like its inspiration, the French 75, “Pardon My Parisian” is a sparkling cocktail that hits with excellent accuracy. It is a delicious mix of Champagne, Gin, St Germain Liqueur and homemade Lavender syrup, reminiscent of the south of France. Thierry Isambert hails from the Champagne region of France, so of course we have a few delicious Champagne cocktail recipes up our sleeve and this one is a popular choice for weddings.

Recipe: Pardon My Parisian


Recipe: Provençal Sour