The street food trend has taken off in recent years, and it’s staying strong. France’s Michelin guide, famous for awarding stars to upscale European restaurants, recently published their first ever guide for Bangkok and awarded a Michelin star to a popular street food eatery in Bangkok’s Old Town. There is also a lot of buzz about the new series on Netflix, “Street Food,” from the creators of the popular Netflix series, Chef’s Table.

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Although we typically imagine bustling Chinese markets serving dim sum or noodles when we talk about street food, every culture and city has their signature street foods; even France, one of the culinary capitals of the world, features gourmet delights you can pick up and enjoy on a park bench. If we had to pick one French street food that stands out above the others, it would definitely be the crêpe!

Every town in France has a “crêperie” within walking distance where you can order a sweet or savory crêpe. Whether you slather it in Nutella, sprinkle it with sugar or opt for a savory version, crepes are a beloved French culinary tradition. France even celebrates the day of the crepe on February 2nd, a holiday they call “ Le Chandeleur,” which is rooted in Catholic belief today but stems from a Pagan tradition celebrating the fertility of the earth and the end of winter. Back in the 5th century crepes were handed out to pilgrims on this day.   

The crepe is the perfect example of “simple is better;” the ingredients are basic but cooking them properly requires some skill.  Everyone loves this light but satisfying treat that you can customize to your preference with an array of toppings which makes crepes a fun and tasty option for event catering. 

Crêpe stations are a delicious option for Miami corporate event catering and Miami social events.

Thierry Isambert’s Parisian Crêpe Station at the Best Buddies Gala

Thierry Isambert’s Parisian Crêpe Station at the Best Buddies Gala