Catering Miami - The Team Behind The Scenes - Executive Chef Vincent Gourmet / by Eric Monteiro

Our culinary team is comprised of talented chefs from around the world working full time in our commissary, applying years of expertise and international experience to bring menus to life for our clients. Galas, weddings, large and small corporate events or intimate celebrations; no matter the event, our chefs have mastered the art of culinary to make sure everything is perfect!

Executive Chef, Vincent Gourmet

Executive Chef, Vincent Gourmet, hails from Belgium, and with Gourmet as his last name, he clearly descends from a family with a history in the culinary arts. In fact, Vincent’s grandfather was a pastry chef with his own bakery in Belgium, and being raised in this environment was definitely a formative experience for him.

Vincent is passionate about culinary innovation and creativity, contributing original combinations, and cutting-edge culinary trends to menus for all occasions. He likes to push the boundaries of savour and creativity, which results in delicious and unique taste experiences for any event.  From the careful addition of flavorful edible flowers, to molecular gastronomy and the use of liquid nitrogen, Vincent likes to surprise the diner, and there are few limits to his quest for subtle and intriguing flavors.

Vincent Gourmet's father as a boy, in the kitchen with Vincent's grandfather, a baker and pastry chef in Belgium.

Vincent studied engineering in Belgium, majoring in Industrial Design related to cooking and the kitchen. In 2000, he moved to Marbella, Spain where he started a company designing restaurant equipment, but soon after, he bought a restaurant and thus began a new chapter of his life. Autodidact in the field of cuisine, he discovered an innate talent for all things culinary and attracted a loyal clientele to his new restaurant.

During his years in Marbella, Vincent was a regular guest on TV cooking shows and morning talk shows. He also received attention from the press, and in 2008, he was awarded a prize from the prestigious Eurotoques organization, which was founded by Chef Paul Bocuse and represents some 3000 chefs across Europe.  As a Eurotoques member, Vincent was invited to contribute to a recipe book, “El Gusto, Es Nuestro,” published by the group and sold to benefit a cancer research organization.

In 2012, Vincent sold the restaurant and arrived in Miami where he soon joined the team at Thierry Isambert Culinary and Event Design as Executive Chef.

Article in La Tribuna de Marbella (Spain)