Village markets in the South of France are brimming with locally grown seasonal fruits and vegetables, they are also a wonderful way to browse and taste a wide array of regional recipes and delicacies like this absolutely decadent, fragrant and simply delicious Summer Truffle Tartine from “De L’Olive A La Tapenade” at the market in St Tropez.

Truffle Tartine.jpg

This market treat was prepared with Summer Truffle (Tuber Aestivum;) a black truffle harvested between May and August (earlier than the Burgundy Truffle) and typically found in the mediterranean region, it presents a more subdued aroma and paler color than the Burgundy Truffle.

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The truffle is an elusive mushroom that grows in the living roots of Oak, Chestnut, Hazel and Beech trees in France, Spain, Italy, and parts of Eastern Europe, New Zealand and the USA. They are wild harvested in forests and located with the help of pigs or highly trained dogs. The time and labor necessary to locate and harvest truffles results in a supply that is limited and seasonal and makes them an expensive delicacy that is highly prized by chefs.

Grab an open sandwich layered with shaved summer truffle from “De L’Olive A La Tapenade” and take home a side salad of Truffle Burrata or Truffle Artichokes for later.