Vizcaya Museum and Gardens In Coconut Grove / by Eric Monteiro

Coconut Grove sits on the shore of Biscayne Bay just south of Downtown and the beaches. It's easily one of Greater Miami’s most picturesque neighborhoods and is also the oldest continuously inhabited neighborhood in Miami.

One of the Grove's crowned jewels is the stunning Vizcaya Museum and Gardens located on Bayshore Drive. The extraordinary beauty of Vizcaya makes it one of South Florida's most sought-after venues for weddings and other upscale events.

Vizcaya was built between 1914 and 1922 by retired businessman and millionaire, James Deering, and today it is a National Historic Landmark. Although the building was inspired by European architecture with all of the antique furniture, fixtures and artwork imported from Spain and Italy, the local materials and native plants really connect the site with the location. 

Coconut Grove is a charming, bayside village within the urban dynamic of Miami. The Grove, as it's commonly called, is the oldest continuously inhabited neighborhood of Miami, lined with sidewalk cafes, galleries, boutiques and many open-air bay front parks. See Vizcaya at 1:00 minute.

Vizcaya is an epic and sumptuous backdrop for your wedding and we're fortunate to have catered many stunning events there. Jennifer Johnson of Jennifer J Events took time to talk about her experience planning events at Vizcaya. Jennifer has been planning high end weddings and events in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Vero Beach, Orlando and the Bahamas for over 14 years, and the majority of weddings she produces at Vizcaya are catered by Thierry Isambert Culinary and Event design. 

Jennifer said that one of the great things about Vizcaya is that clients can make it their own because there are multiple ways the different parts of the property can be used for a wedding. Many couples choose to have their ceremony at the Garden Mound, followed by a cocktail reception and sit-down dinner on the east terrace overlooking the bay. A recent summer wedding, however, had the reception on the terrace by the water. Guests then moved inside to the air-conditioned atrium where cocktails were served in the arcades surrounding the courtyard, followed by an intimate dinner in the inner courtyard which comfortably seats 100 people.

The majority of Jennifer's clients who marry at Vizcaya are not locals. Among the Miami natives she works with, some have always known about Vizcaya and knew they wanted to get married there one day, while on the other hand, many had no idea that this extraordinary property was right on their doorstep! She added that many clients have already visited Vizcaya or even reserved a date there before calling her, but occasionally someone will hire her and ask her to tour venues with them. The look on people's faces when they discover Vizcaya for the first time is always priceless!

Jennifer confirmed that it's important to start planning a wedding at least 14 to 16 months before the big day, and Vizcaya is a popular venue that is booked every Saturday night from October to March, so it's important to reserve well in advance.

In March, we catered the 8th Annual Vizcaya Preservation Luncheon. Click here to read more.

Memorable Weddings at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

The Garden Mound, south of the house, where many couples choose to exchange their vows.

Most of our clients choose to put a tent on the east terrace for dinner and dancing, but some prefer to reserve the tent as a back-up plan in case it rains, and choose instead to dine and dance al fresco.

Classic Organic Elegant Vizcaya Wedding with Jennifer J Events

Planner: Jennifer J Events Catering: Thierry Isambert Culinary and Event Design Photography: Maloman Photographers