Thierry Isambert On Air With "Eat This Drink That Go" / by Eric Monteiro

On April 16th, Thierry Isambert, Vincent Gourmet and event producer, David Johnson, went on air with Jimmy Cefalo and Brenda Bassett to discuss the menu and production logistics for the Holy Cross Fundraising Gala. Full production and gourmet food preparation for 300 people means there is a large team of chefs in two different kitchen set-ups because the food is prepared fresh on the premises just like in a restaurant.

Jimmy and Brenda were hosting the gala and this was the 3rd year in a row that Thierry Isambert was producing and catering the event. The two hosts said they were so impressed with the food the previous year and couldn't wait for the big event later that day.

Vincent showcased our vegetarian Watermelon and Grapefruit ceviche (scroll down for some beautiful pics :-) He also brought out a Beef Wagu made with locally sourced organic beef, served with a side of Japanese Risotto. The risotto was also vegan as it was made with ginger broth (not chicken) and had no cheese.

Thierry explained that there is a growing number of vegetarians and even vegans, so we always make sure that food stations have delicious gourmet options for everyone. 

All proceeds from this gala went to the Jan Moran Heart and Vascular Institute at Holy Cross Hospital. The Holy Cross Hospital is a non-profit hospital in Fort Lauderdale and this year is its 60th anniversary serving the community. 

1st Segment: Thierry Isambert, Vincent Gourmet and David Johnson go on air on "Eat This. Drink That. Go" to chat with Jimmy Cefalo and Brenda Bassett.

Vegetarian Grapefruit and Watermelon Ceviche  (Photo: Eric Monteiro)

Thierry Isambert Dessert .jpg

Photos: Eric Monteiro