MIAMI DESIGN DISTRICT: Innovative Art, Design, Luxury and Premier Event Spaces / by Eric Monteiro

The Miami Design District is an oasis of innovative art, design, luxury shopping and fine dining in an area that stretches north from NW 36th St to 43rd St, and east from 1st Ave towards Biscayne Blvd.  Originally known as Buena Vista, the Design District, is adjacent to the Wynwood Art District, and like Wynwood, it was predominantly made up of low-rise warehouses before being reinvented.

The Miami Design District began its revival over 15 years ago by Miami entrepreneur and president of DACRA, Craig Robins. DACRA uses architecture, art, design, and cultural programming to build creative international destinations, and today the Design District is just that: a fabulous creative destination that also happens to feature a few stunning event spaces in addition to all the art, culture, shopping and gourmet dining.

An exclusive behind the scenes look at a Spring 2014 photo shoot in the Miami Design District.


Palm Court is comprised of two distinct adjacent and complementary venues, Palm Court and the Palm Court Event Space. Palm Court itself is the palm-dotted pedestrian plaza surrounded by the Miami Design District’s collection of luxury timepiece and jewelry brands. Renowned architect and inventor, Buckminster Fuller’s iconic geodesic dome is the magnificent centerpiece of this elegant outdoor space which also features over 50 slender palms of different species interspersed throughout the plaza.

The uncompromising attention to detail and luxury that is the signature of the Design District’s revival is reflected in the choice of only the most prominent contemporary architects and landscape designers to bring this neighborhood to fruition.

Palm Court is the perfect venue for outdoor cocktail receptions, dinners and live performances.

Palm Court Plaza with Buckminster Fuller's Geodesic Dome in the foreground and Palm Court Event Space in the upper left corner behind the palms.

Palm Court Plaza with Buckminster Fuller's Geodesic Dome in the foreground and Palm Court Event Space in the upper left corner behind the palms.


The Palm Court Event Space presides over the neighborhood offering impressive views of the Design District from the top of a building surrounding the Palm Court Plaza.

Thierry Isambert’s production team chose the Palm Court Event Space to host an event where the French Consul presented Thierry with the prestigious ORDRE DU MÉRIT AGRICOLE award on September 17th, 2015. The Ordre Du Merit Agricole is an honor bestowed by the French government to individuals who render exceptional services for outstanding contribution. 

Alina and Thierry Isambert at the Palm Court Event Space in the Miami Design District

Thierry Isambert receiving the Ordre Du Mérite Agricole award from Consul General, Philippe Letrilliart at Palm Court Event Space in the Miami Design District

The Palm Court Event Space is a bold structure that offers a sleek, modern, minimalist design allowing event planners to superimpose whatever decor they can imagine.  Folding hardwood doors retract completely to create a seamless indoor-outdoor environment.

"For the medal ceremony we created a lush reception space using a combination of lounges, high-top tables and low boys in a mix of finishes including mirror, white acrylic and clear acrylic. There was also a sumptuous buffet and display of desserts."


The Historic Moore Building, on the corner of NE 2nd Ave and 40th St, was built in 1921 to house the Moore Furniture Company warehouse, the first store in the USA devoted exclusively to furniture. The busimess played an instrumental part in the development of the community and a strong local economy was built around it.

The interior of the building is breathtaking! A skylight sits atop an impressive soaring atrium that spans four floors. To make the whole scene all the more impressive, the atrium features a permanent installation, “Elastika,”  by the late Zaha Hadid, the first woman architect to win a Pritzker Prize amongst an array of other accolades.

The Moore Building lends itself to all sorts of corporate and social events, including weddings, product launches and art shows to name a few.

Photos: and World Redeye