Break Out The Barbecue For Father's Day - By Chef Michael Finizia / by Eric Monteiro

Spark up the grill and let's celebrate Dad! It's never been hard to find things to grill for father's day, but this year let’s break out some new ideas for this special gathering in honor of Dad. You can’t go wrong with past classics such as gourmet burgers, New York strips and Churrasco. My favorite way to jazz up this holiday is with marinades and sauces paired with some extra special cuts.

Photo: Eric Monteiro

I tend to prefer items that may need a little more preparation, but burst with extra savor. Preparing marinades and sauces ahead of time not only affords precious time with family on the big day, but also allows for a beautiful balance of flavors to settle in, for items such as Chermoula, Caribbean Jerk rubs and Thai Green Curry Coconut.

Another way to mark the occasion is to go for something a "cut" above the rest. I love to grill my Fred Flintstone T-bone Cowboy steaks cut from prime ribs. Another idea might be to go for the Gaucho Style Grilled Sliced Beef Picanha, also known as Tri Tip. My secret for Picanha is sous vide low and slow (65C for 2.5 hrs) in a circulator for added tenderness.

If you opt for chicken, make sure it has a punch, and for this I suggest Moroccan glazed, grilled organic chicken. If you still need that burger, why not stuff it? Foie gras burger, short rib burger or even truffle burgers. Other great barbecue nibbles that are a must have on my grill are grilled, double-cut artisan Miami Smokers, bacon or pork tenders wrapped with sage and speck.

Photo: Eric Monteiro

One of my special secrets for the grill is to ditch the brush. I like to gather my garden-grown rosemary or thyme, bundle it all up with twine and dip the herbal bouquet in garlic oil to brush my meats.

 Photo: Eric Monteiro

Photo: Eric Monteiro

Perhaps you want to prepare something light for diners who don’t want meat, go for grilled local fish and pair it with a light salsa made with local mangos, papaya and cilantro.

Don’t forget your sides. Pick some fun salads to prepare in the morning, this will allow you more time to tend to the grill later on. Curried quinoa salad, roasted brussel sprouts salad with pomegranate and cashews or Tuscan cannellini bean salad are all great options to complement the taste of the summer char barbecue.

Add some barbecue brews with a whole lot of family bonding and father’s day will be a BLAST!

Happy Father's day!